Who we are

Dr. Uday Modi, a doctor, an actor, a philanthropist and a very humble human being who finds his happiness in giving service to the old people who do not have anyone to call their own or take care of them. He is a true mumbaikar who breathes happiness when he is serving the poor old homeless people.

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Shravan Tiffin Seva

He started out Shravan Tiffin Seva as a small gesture for one of his patient who had suffered a paralytic stroke, her 78 year husband came asking for a meal one night because the couple had been abandoned by their three sons and they didn’t have any money or food. This was the moment of light when Dr. Uday Modi felt that there must be other such old parents who have been living in darkness and going to bed without food and his wife also resonated with this thought. How can a grown up individual, who has been born and brought up by such parents – leave them at such critical time and age when they are just as fragile as a small child!

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Maa Bap nu Mandir

Saurashtra is known for its affinity and service spirit, but to bring this spirit of benevolence to the busy streets of Mumbai demands solid efforts and Dr. Uday Modi has kept true to his roots by bringing the same love for charity to the streets of Mumbai. After successfully completing the task of providing tiffins everyday to the deprived, poverty-stricken old people living abandoned lives, Dr. Uday Modi has finally made his vision come to life. The old age home that he always wanted to build for the old abandoned parents, is finally taking shape. “Maa Baap nu Mandir” as Dr. Uday Modi puts it, is indeed a temple for all the impoverished parents who have nobody to call their own.

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What they speak about us

  • - Mumbai , Mirror

    Ayurveda practioner Dr Uday Modi is the son abandoned elders of Mira-Bhayander never had.

  • - YouStory,

    Dr Uday Modi, who belongs to Amreli, Gujarat, feeds over 200 old people in Bhayander, Mumbai, on a daily basis. He's now keen to build an old-age home that welcomes people abandoned by their children.

  • Times of India , Mumbai

    Dr. Uday Modi, A son to loveless Ayurveda practioner Dr Uday Modi is the son abandoned elders of Mira-Bhayander never had..

  • Times of India , Mumbai

    Desh ke doctors ko prerna deti dr. Uday ki koshish, Buzurgo ko Uday ka sahara, 200 buzurgo kliye Shravan tiffin service, Buzurgo k annadata Dr. Uday Modi

Our Blog

While we are trying to bring these elderly angels under one roof and provide them with all the facilities that they deserve, some incidents, some random acts of kindness from volunteers and donators teach us new lessons and make us more humble with our endeavors.

14th August, 2018The people at Shravan Tiffin Seva visited Nathdwara temple in Rajasthan and recieved blessings from Lord Shreenathji.

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